What you will find here

This blog is let you see what I am working on...what I have created and where it is located at..I will post photos of the working steps to some of my creations and you can watch with me as I create a new primitive or folk art doll or Santa.

Currently I have my original, prim folk art creations at
Ebay and at Etsy, at both places I use my same name ,

To find me at Etsy http://hootnhollarprims.etsy.com.

Since selling on line I have made friends all across the country, some are buyers, some are sellers and some are just plain old fashioned friends that you make without even trying to...I love to bring a smile to someones face and if one of my creations can do that...then I know I have accomplished my goal!

Thank you for stopping by....you may leave comments if you like!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

please post your comments

PLease feel free to post any comments or questions here, or just chat!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall and Seasonal

It is that time of year to think snowflakes and HO HO HO things!

I am staying very busy and have been focusing on Santas..though right now I am making a funny new little gal...she will be a holiday fairy..quite ugly actually..but so ugly she is CUTE!

She will be adorable when I get her done....